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【完结】Pokémon Theta Emerald 绿宝石650 v1.4【英文绿宝石改版】









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This is a project that I have been working on for almost a year, and now I can finally say that this game is ready for a release. This is completely different from the regular Emerald game you are used to. However, it is different, in a very fun and cool way :)

650 Pokémon: This may not be the first Emerald sideshow game to have more Pokémon than just 386, but, as of May 2015, this is the Emerald sideshow game with the most Pokémon to catch. Not only that, but every single one of them is catchable, either through an event, or in the wild. Not only that, but the Trainers, Gym Leaders, Evil Teams, Elite Four, and Champion have new Pokémon as well.
100+ new moves: In order to compensate with the new Pokémon, there has been quite a few new moves added to game to add to everyone's movesets. Some with new animations, and some with new effects.
Physical/Special Split: To make the game more current, a proper Physical/Special Split has been implemented to the game, including icons to denote each move.
"Have Specific Pokémon" Events: In order to encounter certain Pokémon, or more specifically, legendary Pokémon, you must have one to three Pokémon in your party in order for the event to work.
Fairy-type: Yes, the Fairy-type that has been shown in Pokémon X & Y, has been added to the game.
Updated Stats: Also, Pokémon that got their stats updated in X & Y now have them updated in this game.
New Evolution Methods: Pokémon that evolved through trade have a different means of evolving. Not only that, but because of the new Pokémon, completely new evolution methods have been added, like Map Name Evolution, Move Evolution, etc. That, and three new evolution items have been added. The Dawn Stone and Dusk Stone from Diamond and Pearl, and the Link Cable from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.
Running Shoes Update: Like the newer generation games, you can use the running shoes to run inside of buildings.
Reusable TMs: Introduced in Pokémon Black & White, TMs can be used as many times as you like.
Egg Hatching Level: The levels of eggs that hatch are now at Level 1, just like in the newer games.
Catch EXP: A mechanic introduced in X & Y, now when you capture a Pokémon, your Pokémon will gain EXP.
De-capitalization: NO MORE OF THIS. Maybe a few spots, but I'll fix them as time goes on.

For some reason, if you watch a TV that's on, there might be a chance that it will cause the game to have a text string that repeats forever, which makes the game unplayable, unless you reset the game. So, be careful with that.
Because of my very limited knowledge with adding new abilities, new Pokémon might not have the proper abilities, but instead have different abilities. (i.e. Reshiram having Flash Fire, Arceus having Color Change, etc.)
Even though this game has new Pokémon, forms are not included since they are impossible for the moment. I honestly feel that this is better anyways.
Move tutors for the new Pokémon have not been done. I will probably update this to have more unique moves to learn (i.e. Dragon Pulse, Seed Bomb, etc.)
Egg moves have not been updated. This, I will think about looking into.
If you level up from EXP gained from catching a new Pokémon, when you go to its Pokédex entry, the entry will look glitched. It doesn't freeze the game, you can just press A or B to get out of it.
Once you beat the game, and get to the Hall of Fame part, some of the new Pokémon will show up as different Pokémon. That, and they don't show up at the end of the game within the credits. This might be because of a limiter somewhere in the game.
Some moves don’t have the proper animation or effect, since it has not been made yet, or is in progress.
For some reason, Nincada's evolution does not work. But, you can catch Shedinja separately.
When you do the favor for Wattson, be sure that you have the Acro Bike on you. You'll see why ;)
Castform's forms "do not exist," meaning that Castform changes from its original sprite to pitch black. But, the typing still exists, so its forms are "still there."

mamamama: Emerald ROM Base in the Resource Thread
SBird: His concept of extending Emerald's Pokédex
Chaos Rush: Sprites, his translated tutorial on expanding the Pokédex, and his Capture EXP ASM
Blue: Editing the Trainer's Pokémon to have the new ones
karatekid: His Gen 3 Hacking Suite
Gamer2020: Pokémon Game Editor
itari: Reusable TMs and Check Pokémon ASM
Tlachtli: Physical/Special Icons
PurpleOrange: Give Pokémon Scripts
Percy: Fixing a very odd Pokédex glitch

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