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Pokémon Sunset Orange Alpha 1.0【英文火红改版】









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You play as Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. After returning home from the Indigo League, you find out that the Region's Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak, wants your assistance to get a mysterious Poké Ball from the tropical Orange Archipelago Region. You embark on a journey to the Orange Islands with your friends, Misty and Brock, to help the Professor. Ironically, you win a lottery and get a blimp ticket to the Orange Archipelago. You find out that the blimp is supposedly haunted, but decide to board the blimp anyway. In a strange turn of events, you find out that the crew on the blimp is none other than Team Rocket. Well the blimp was haunted, alright. Things only get worse when the blimp gets stuck in a thunderstorm and forces you to make a crash landing as a last resort. Your adventure begins now!


Here are some screenshots featuring gameplay!

Featuring the Orange Archipelago!
Play through the events of season 2 and non-canon events, too!
Gen 1-4 Pokémon
New Items
New Tiles
New Music
Pokémon 2000 movie event!

There aren't many interesting features as you can see. I want to stick close to the vanilla ROM in terms of features. If you've got any interesting features you'd like me to add, then feel free to suggest some below/send me a VM. (I can't think of any! ~_~)

Bugs/Things you don't want
As of Alpha 1.0, there is no Pokédex or Town Map. These will be added later once I've made some decent progress with mapping, probably in the next version.

Good news! There are no bugs reported yet!

Pokémon, Creatures, Nintendo & GameFreak: For Pokémon Fire Red, of course!
EmperorOfTigers and Lunos: Beta Testers
KDS and Froosty: Douchebag Charizard ASM
Squeetz, Tainted, Bela, Lunos, Bladecraft, Egg, Avara and Wobb: Answering questions in general
Jambo51: Class Based Trainer Music
HackMew: All her tools which have helped us all these years, lol
Lu-Ho: Advance Map 1.92/1.95
Esperance: HTE
Nisarg: Title Screen help
Maël Hörtz: HxD
Diegoisawesome: His XSE tutorial and research
Knizz: His research
Kensuyjin33: Gary Sprite
Kalarie: Bag and the WIP Town Map
PKMNTrainerSpriterC, AmpharosAndy & Piccolo/Tainted: Paul's stuff (Sprites and MIDI)
BrendanBass, Metapod23, Sergio and TheSpritersResource: Overworld Sprites
Cat333Pokémon, Magnius, Xgal, LAZ, Arugurete, Revle, Animefan and My MIDI: Music
Sniper and Wobb: Some tiles
Achromatic: Thread CSS

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