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Pokémon Saiph Full Version 2020 fixed【英文火红改版】









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A long time ago, I was working on a hack called Pokémon Star Red. It was the first overhaul hack I ever worked on, and looking at the game its pretty obvious. Later on the game got cancelled for many reasons, and for a long time, I haven't started anything related to overhaul hacking. At the time I just started Pokémon Black Advance, another cancelled romhack, that I actually restarted recently as Pokémon Black Redux. After cancelling Black Advance, I started making concepts from the "ashes" of Star Red. I started working on an unnamed hack which was a reboot to Star Red. This hack never got released... After starting Black Redux, I found this "concept hack" hidden on my computer and took a few things from it and reworked it to be able to start something...Something new and better. After finishing the base of this new game, I decided to call it the "unnamed hack"s beta name, Pokémon Saiph. So technically this is a double reboot, a reboot of a long lost cancelled game's re imagination.

The game takes place some years after the events of Pokémon Rangers Shadows of Almia. After the Shadow Crystal getting purified, scientists found a way to use its energy as a resource. Almia's citizens feared the crystal and wanted it to be as far from them as possible, so the government sold it to Hoenn because of the distance between to two regions. The Old Mauville was renovated as a Power Plant for the Crystal and its energy was inherited there. Things were going great and peacefully. One day, the Old Mauville has exploded, and started to spread huge waves of radiation. The Crystal was moved to a hidden laboratory in Colen and was protected as a Top Secret weapon. The entire West Hoenn had to be evacuated, including your home town, Littleroot Town. These people were moved to the Colen Region, a region relatively close to Hoenn. 10 years later you can have a Pokémon and start your own journey, as you explore the great world, you bump into Team Void, a mysterious criminal organization that has some sort of a connection to the long "lost" Shadow Crystal. When Darkrai's rampage was stopped people who stuck in the shadow Pokémon's void were sealed inside the Shadow Crystal. The evil organization will try to steal the crystal to find Shenow's lost father inside the crystal, and use it to rule everything with Darkrai. You'll need to stop their plan and bring peace back to Colen, and probably the entire world! Maybe doing what the rangers did back in 2008 will solve this chaos as well...

A whole new region to explore, the Colen Region
A part of Hoenn to explore in the post game (Only in the Full Game!)
B2W2 Soundtrack
B&W inspired art style
Updated game mechanics (PSS split, Fairy type, B2W2 repels, reusable TMs, Pokémon&Moves&Abilities&Items from later Gens, Exp after catching a Pokémon etc.)
Side way Stairs with real side way stair mechanics
A new evil team to take out, Team Void
Updated battle backgrounds
New Bag UI
Day/Night system

Bugs (Full Version 2020 Patch)
Very small graphical bugs for the ' and " symbols
Save before the Shenow fight on Light Island, if you lose reset the game
Minor graphical errors (they don't interfere the game itself)

Testers (Discord names)
Dark Destroyer
Ishrak's PokeTips
Micky Singh

Ishrak's Poketips (Game's Fancy Logo)
Mr. Maiker (Translator for Spanish version)
LukeeGD (Soundtrack)
Dionen, turtwig2 (Tileset)
tebited15 (Female Protagonist OWs)
h y o (Male Protagonist Backsprite, Battle/Trainer card sprite)
pokefreak890 (Big chunk of the game engine)
Kiy, usigusom, () and 黒インク (Selection screen)
Againsts (Summary screen)
Nisarg (Sprite for the Bags)
JK from Whack a Hack (Bag UI)
diegoisawesome (For his awesome XSE tutorial, I learned scripting from pretty much that)
Everyone from VRP (My Discord server) for the Support

链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Bct5lDdX1PpVx_K_ULdMKA 提取码:

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