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【2023.10】Pokemon Clover v1.3.3【英文火红改版】









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What is Pokémon Clover?
Pokémon Clover is a ROM Hack of Pokémon Fire Red featuring the two brand new regions of Fochun and the Ebin Isles, as well as 386 original fakemon!
Started in late 2014 as a janky rehash of Pokémon Fire Red, Pokémon Clover has since evolved into a complete overhaul with all-new characters, story, maps, music and gameplay mechanics.
The main point of Clover is to be both a parody of 4chan’s imageboard culture as well as a parody of Pokémon as a whole. It thus contains themes and language not suited for the faint of heart.
The current version of Clover has been in the works for over 4 whole years with effort worth thousands of hours by over 40 contributors, and with an estimated play time of 70 hours, Clover is sure to bring you moments filled with happiness, frustration, laughter and suffering!
So what are you waiting for? Take on a journey as Professor Stump’s Pokédex aide and battle tough rivals and Gym Leaders as you travel through fields, oceans, deserts and mountains!

A full-scale adventure between two fully featured regions

386 monsters designed by /vp/

Completely custom soundtrack

Gen 7/8 standard battle engine

Competitive-grade battle AI that switches

Difficulty for veterans of the series

Custom battle backgrounds

Custom exp gain mechanics

GSC-style berry trees

Wonder trading

Sprite portraits for important characters

New custom Poké Balls

Black/White 2 repel system and item usage

Hidden Grottos and Phenomena

Reusable TMs and deletable HMs

And a grand world rich with sidequests and secrets!

April 10th 2020
General fixes & changes
Expanded the amount of items the Bag can hold

Certain static encounters now receive some form of totem boost

Set Mode is now the default battle option when starting the game. If you change it to Shift, then opposing Trainers will also take advantage of this mode

Just like Pokémon Black/White, you will now stay in the party menu after using an item on a Pokémon

Improved Wonder Trade algorithm and added more possible trades

Wonder Trade now remembers the last 16 trades you did, preventing any immediate duplicates

Fixed the Move Relearner only being able to recall the first 19 moves of a Pokémon's learnset

Redid the interior puzzles for Snoop's and Kanye's Gym

Both Freddie's and Kanye's Gym badge is now required to use Surf outside of battle

Nauseon's evolution is now based on Atk compared to SpAtk rather than Defense, Galavik evolves this way too

Fixed Spooky Scary Skeletons song restarting every time the player went to a new floor/map in Parax Town/Burial Tower

Prof. Stump now has proper dialogue for rating your Pokédex progress

Rock Smash boulders now have a chance of dropping item shards

Certain Pokémon have received updated cries

Fixed certain berries in the Berry Pouch being listed as “Number ??”

Re-using TMs and HMs can no longer be exploited to boost happiness

Revives are no longer usable in battle

Breeding for egg moves works as intended

Every single Pokémon moveset has been revised

The Blacksmith Manor doors now reset when going outside to prevent the player getting stuck if they use Escape Rope or black out

The sewer door no longer requires the Rusty Key as it was an unnecessary step to unlocking the Karma Sub-HQ, this door is instead open after Lil'Bro leaves Memes Inc.

Fixed the Mexican quest's graphical bug

Added a Cacademon roadblock on Route 11 to make the Mexican quest mandatory

Added an indicator for when all Mexicans have been found in the Mexican quest

Moved DDT Spray salesman into Blacksmith Manor to make him harder to access frequently

Static encounters and gifted Pokémon will have at least 2 perfect IVs

Fixed protagonist intro sprite colors

Raised wild Pokémon levels all around

Added Type Mode, Lightest Mode and Smallest Mode to the Pokédex

Fixed Ninoop's and the steel trio's comically large overworld shadow

Auto-cutter and Auto-smasher are now toggle-able in the Options menu as “Auto-HMs”

Synchronize gives a 100% chance of meeting wild Pokémon with the same nature, this also applies to static encounters

Fixed the colors for the newer Poké Balls when a Pokémon is being sent out

Added gender coloration for the OT name on the Summary screen

Updated certain battle backgrounds

Both major and minor map changes

Minor text and grammatical fixes

Misc. Trainer rebalancing

Improved audio quality

Rebalanced the volume of most songs

Optimized enemy party generation, speeding up the intro leading into battle

The player now turns away from the Pokémon Center nurse after healing

With the addition of the Exp. All, a soft level cap has been added that rises as you progress through the game, this is to prevent over-leveling and encourage raising a well-rounded team with easier member replacement if the player so desires

Battle Channel facilities closed due to a multitude of problems, may be re-implemented at a later date

Shiny Mechanics
Shiny rate is now the gen 6 standard 1/4096

If you have caught any shiny Pokémon, this rate is increased to 1/2048

Gifted Pokémon and Pokémon hatched from eggs have an increased chance of being shiny

Chain catching the same species of Pokémon over and over many times will further increase the chance of encountering a shiny of the chained species

Any caught or hatched shiny Pokémon will also display as shiny in the Pokédex

Due to the way the shiny system has been rewritten, there are two, very hard to fix caveats:

Pokémon in the Hall of Fame won't show up as shiny

Fontaba won't show up in the Pokédex as shiny

Battle Engine
Trainer AI has been rewritten completely

All custom moves have custom animations

Updated the look of health boxes to a more sleek and modern design

Players can now only use 4 items per Trainer battle

In order to encourage using one-time use items and prevent thief blackout grinding, held items used/changed in battle are now recovered after the battle is over when fighting Gym Leaders, Team Karma leaders, and the later Rival battles

Updated gen 3 abilities

Oblivious prevents Taunt

Keen Eye ignores Evasion boosts

Pressure displays a message on switch-in

Trace works on switch-in abilities like Intimidate

Stench gives a 10% flinch chance to attacking moves

Pickup picks up a partner's consumed item in battle

Weather abilities (such as Sand Stream) last 5 turns

Cloud Nine and Air Lock display a message on switch-in

Intimidate is blocked by Oblivious, Inner Focus and Own Tempo

Updated gen 3 moves

Hidden Power has a static 60 base power

Taunt lasts 3 turns if the user acts first, 4 if it acts after the target

Taunt also gives a message when wearing off

Spit Up drops stat boosts from Stockpile and can cause critical hits

Swallow drops stat boosts from Stockpile

Conversion transforms the user to the first move's type in their moveset

Imprison will execute even if the foe has no matching moves

(High) Jump Kick always gives 50% recoil if it misses

Teleport will switch the user out if used in a Trainer battle

Sheer Cold cannot affect Ice types

Sheer Cold's accuracy will be 20% if not used by an Ice-type

Updated/changed mechanics

Added support for triple type Pokémon and dual-type moves

Added (almost) all gen 4-7 abilities, moves and held items with some gen 8 abilities

Drastically sped up battles by reducing message delays

Updated burn damage to match later gens

Updated paralysis speed drop to match later gens

Updated confusion self-hit chance to match later gens

Moves with Stomp's effect ignore accuracy checks against Minimized targets

Ghost types can switch out, always

Pokémon with Shadow Tag can switch out against opponents with Shadow Tag

Opponents are able to Trick & Thief the player

The Poké Doll can no longer be used to skip wild boss battles

The 10% badge speed boost no longer applies

Status moves used on Dark-types by Pokémon with Prankster will fail like in later gens

Fixed a Game Freak bug where choosing Focus Punch in a double battle but then canceling it and switching out would display the charge-up message anyway

Fixed moves & abilities

No Guard affects OHKO moves as it should

Poison types will never miss Toxic

Brick Break hits Ghost types when used by Pokémon with Scrappy

Clear Smog works as intended

All-targeting moves such as Discharge work as intended

Volt Switch/U-Turn now work as intended if the attacker is holding a Choice item

Mummy works as intended

Gooey works as intended

Sturdy works as intended

Overcoat works as intended

Regenerator works as intended

Poison Heal works as intended

Cursed Body works as intended

Motor Drive works as intended

Effect Spore works as intended

Super Luck boosts critical-hit rate by 1 rather than 2

Pixilate and other move-type abilities factor in STAB for damage

Daily Dose now has its intended effect (may cause sleep/poison/bad poison)

Close Combat & V-Create's stat drop animations drop all stats at once

Dragon Tail & Circle Throw work as intended if the target faints

Holy Duty works as intended when used against Pokémon with Flash Fire

Lightningrod & Storm Drain no longer draw in both Water and Electric type moves respectively

Fixed the Big Faggot item crashing the game if held by other Pokémon than Flameboyan

Eviolite works as intended

Life Orb works as intended

Assault Vest works as intended

General additions
Ebin Islands

Accessible by battling Captain Cut outside at the Battle Channel

Gen 6 Exp. Share

Toggle-able in the Options menu

Pokémon that participate in battle receive 100% of the exp gained

The rest of the party receive 50% of the exp gained

Individual exp gain is altered slightly based on the average level of the party

Pokémon not participating in battle will not gain EVs

Hidden Grottos

20 Hidden Grottos in total across both regions

Spawns on rocky walls and at the trunk of trees

Their location and Pokémon contained are determined when starting a new game


These are dust clouds that randomly spawn in a select few caves

50% chance to encounter a wild Pokémon

50% chance to obtain a type Gem


Added special battle transitions to Team Karma executives and certain legendary encounters

The game now has about 90 move tutors scattered around both regions

The final Victory Road guardian will now challenge you to battle

Spinner puzzles in Ruse Cruise part 2 are now possible to turn off by breaking certain machines that power them

A stoner in Animango will now trade you an Amulet Coin for 3 Weed

Due to high demand, a Diobat trade is available in the Animango Weebshop

A certain someone will now challenge you for the love of Demiwaifu at the bottom of Crystalline Cavern

A mysterious shrine can now be found in Admin Woods

Flame Body/Magma Armor's field effect has been added properly

Almost all gyms have their own unique theme

With Ebin comes a lot of new music, but existing Trainer classes and certain areas seen in Fochun have also received new or updated themes

Breeding Mechanics
In addition to counting down by player movement, egg hatch timers now count down passively in the overworld; this too is affected by Flame Body/Magma Armor

The mother is now able to pass down Egg moves

Everstone has a 100% chance to pass down the holder's nature

2 IVs from each parent guaranteed (randomly selected)

Destiny Knot passes down 5 IVs from the holder

Ability passed down from mother, 80% chance

Macho Brace passes down all EVs from the holder

Ability Mechanics
Pokémon now have four ability slots where the last two are reserved for hidden abilities

Added the Ability Capsule, which allows the Pokémon to swap between its two normal abilities if its current ability is a normal one, or between its two hidden abilities if its current ability is a hidden one

Added the Dream Capsule, this allows the Pokémon to swap between its normal ability and its hidden ability

Added the Dream Ball, which when used to capture wild Pokémon will invoke their hidden ability

A Pokémon with a hidden ability will have its ability shown on the summary screen in a purple color

Ebin Isles Features
New region comprised of many different islands with original designs

5 new Gyms to conquer, harder challenges than ever before

A dynamic level-scaling system and an EV and level grinding facility which gives you the perfect opportunity to raise new teammates or even replace your entire team if you so desire (Pokémon in the grind facility do not fight back and they cannot be caught, and it is impossible to encounter any shinies here)

Regional music for battles, biking and surfing

Plenty of side areas, events, and secrets

The cryptic regi puzzles are brought back from Hoenn - but amped up to 11

More than 500 NPCs in Get Island's Telekino City, the biggest city ever in Pokémon history in terms of NPC count

链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6sqFc2 密码:

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